What does it mean to be a "Registered Members"?

You become a registered member of the Macroscope Community when you create a user profile to identify yourself when you visit this site.

Who can become member?

Everyone interested in best practices in ICT methodologies in general, and in Macroscope in particular.

What are the advantages of being a member of the Macroscope Community?

By becoming a member you are authorized to share experience, to give your opinion on Macroscope work-in-progress, and to read what other members have published in the Forum and Blog zones of this site. You get access to a number of on-line training modules. And finally, you can also benefit from having access to the exploration version of Macroscope (upon request).

If you wish, you may remain an anonymous visitor for the time being. Even anonymous visitors have access to a great deal of information allowing them to discover what Macroscope is all about.

I already hold a license for Macroscope (or my employer does) - why should I register?

In addition to the sections of information and collaboration available to everyone, depending on the modules covered by your license, this site:

  • offers live access to the most recent version of Macroscope. This live access allows you, for example, to investigate the newest features of Macroscope even if your organization uses a previous version;
  • enables you to download Macroscope tools or a more recent update of Macroscope itself;
  • enables you to publish a comment or a question relative to a page or topic in Macroscope.

To benefit fully from these possibilities, you must first register to become a Macroscope Community member and then request to join your group. (If you qualify as a licensed member, please use your normal work e-mail address when you register.) If you are an independent license-holder, then you would join the "Single Licensees" group. Otherwise you would join the group named for your employer.

You then become a member with "licensed" status.

I am a Fujitsu employee - why should I register?

Once you have registered on this site and joined one of the Fujitsu groups, you are able to:

  • download the most recent versions of Macroscope tools;
  • participate in all discussions in the Forum zone (some are restricted to licensed members);
  • reach Macroscope and its extensions from outside of the Fujitsu network when you are unable to use a VPN connection.

Can I contribute to Macroscope?

Sure! Registered members are authorized and are encouraged to collaborate in the evolution of Macroscope by means of the Forum section of the site. Remember that certain sections of the Forum are accessible only to licensed members.