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An integrated framework to help reduce risk and maximize value of your business transformation and digital technology initiatives.

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A proven methodology, productivity and authoring tools as well as customization, implementation, training and hosting services. 



A 360° approach focused on what is necessary and sufficient in most cases to deliver the required capabilities. 

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Our comprehensive Business Transformation Framework with its five domains of intervention - click on each icon to learn more.

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Macroscope remains tool-agnostic. This allows the use of the methodology in all kinds of environments.


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Macroscope is available to enterprises, large or small, from the public or private sectors, as well as to self-employed professionals, through one of the license types presented here.

Change management

Gyroscope is a framework for change management consultants and their different clienteles that provides a structure, practical tips and reference points for organizing an effective change management roadmap.


Available courses and tools covering a number of professional skills and Macroscope domains.

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