You will find here answers to the most frequent questions asked about Macroscope. Don’t hesitate to contact our Support Center for any additional question.

Questions on the Methodology

Does the framework offer distinct processes or roadmaps supporting multiple project scenarios?

Macroscope 5 proposes a number of paths of Solution Lifecycle providing distinct roadmaps for the development of new systems, the customization and implementation of commercial packages, agile projects as well as the support, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of existing systems.

With M/360 however, we have taken a different approach where we propose one overall process presented in a way that makes it easier to adapt the process to the project at hand.

How does the methodology support project right-sizing? Could I customize it by project size? In other words, does the support the creation of custom roadmaps?

The first fundamental principle of Macroscope is "Adapt the method to your context". The Macroscope framework is designed to be tailored to the requirements of situation. The context and the outcomes to be achieved should always be considered first, and then the appropriate method elements are selected on that basis and adapted as needed. A number of tools, such as editable RACI charts, are made available so users can easily create their own.

Does your methodology support Iterative and incremental development?

Yes. Absolutely.

Does your product support commercial package, COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) and NDI (non-developmental item) integration?


Does your methodology cover requirements elicitation, specification and management?

Yes. Macroscope covers the entire spectrum of requirements.

  • Business and operational requirements (Vision and Architecture)
  • Solution requirements including functional, non-functional requirements and constraint (Architecture and Solution)
  • Management and project requirement (Project)

Macroscope also provides requirement elicitation techniques including approaches and know-how.

Is your methodology compatible with the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)?

Yes. Business analysis competencies are an integral part of Macroscope and are called upon at various levels, depending on the scope of the engagement. Macroscope covers many of the concepts, tasks and techniques presented in the BABOK® Guide, albeit structured differently, with sometimes different names, and with different levels of granularity.

I’m a business analyst: does Macroscope propose a structured processes and activities to help me in my role?

Macroscope has a business analysis discipline including a high-level mapping between BABOK® and Macroscope process domains. In that discipline, Moreover, Macroscope prescribes a process or an order in which tasks are performed