The Macroscope offering at a glance.

Macroscope®   Customization
logo-MAC Our core product: the integrated methodology framework to support business transformation initiative and governance. Available as Web or local versions.   logo-PERS To help you plan, design and build the customization required to support your business.
Project Startup Assistant   Implementation
logo-DA A productivity tool to easily create and adapt documentation objects and structures based on Macroscope or your own templates.   logo-DEPL Support and coaching services to help you plan the deployment of the methodology in your organization.
Results Chain™ Modeler   Training
logo-RCM A modeling and analytical tool supporting the Results Chain technique.   logo-EDUC A rich catalog of instructor-led learning events delivered by professional trainers in physical or virtual classrooms.
ProcessUnifier™   Hosting
logo-MPU A powerful authoring tool used to create or extend Macroscope or any similar processes.   logo-CLOUD Access to a shared Macroscope Online, or hosting of your own enterprise version.