The Macroscope® ProcessUnifier™ tool (often called MPU) provides an effective and systematic way not only to modify the Macroscope contents, but also for capturing, structuring and publishing your enterprise process assets, whether they consist of user guides, operation manuals and procedures, or any non-automated process.

The tool provides you with templates and style sheets you need to relieve you from the burden of designing a Macroscope-like Web navigation structure. Process owners and process managers across the enterprise can easily create and manage process assets and make this information readily available to users based on the Macroscope meta-model and user interface. 

Overview   Check out the latest release information.
Work in a multi-user environment with specific roles:
  • Administrator
    Managing access and projects settings.

  • Domain Expert
    Establishing the structure, organizing the content, managing navigational menus of the site, managing templates for typical pages.

  • Content Editor
    Editing the content, creating hot spots on illustrations.
  MPU Menu Example
MPU Templates   Design your own page templates or use the ones provided by Macroscope.
Create links to specific method objects to:
  • Ensure the use of common terminology throughout the framework.

  • Ensure referential integrity by linking to concept names rather than using URL addresses.

  • Ease the maintenance and evolution of the content.
  MPU Links
MPU change trail   Trace back all changes done within a given timeframe.

Export this list to you preferred tracking tool.

For more information on the Macroscope ProcessUnifier, follow the Contact Us link.

 Release Information

 Version  Release Date  Content
2.6.2 2015-02-27 Release Note
2.6 2012-08-14