What are the benefits of the maintenance program? Why subscribe to this program?

Our maintenance program is specially designed to offer you a value-added to Macroscope products.


  • Download corrections and updates, in minor or major releases, of all the products Macroscope under license.
  • Assistance and download of the technical updates due to the evolutions of the browsers, office suites, operating systems and other technical environment tools.
  • Privileged and unlimited access to the online self-learning modules.
  • Online access, on Fujitsu's "cloud", to the most recent version of Macroscope what allows among others:
    • to reach and to use the most up to date version even before it is installed in your environment;
    • to use the "Discussions" tab to share comments, questions or suggestions among users' community - the Macroscope Support Center ensures the follow-up of these discussions;
    • to upload complements specific to your company / organization in exclusive or shared mode;
    • to reach and use improvements and additions even before they are integrated into a commercial version.
  • Access to the version under development and to the forums about the evolution of Macroscope, what allows among others:
    • to preview the changes to come;
    • to comment, collaborate and possibly influence the evolution of Macroscope (or one of its components).
  • Advantageous discount on our edition/publishing tool.

Client Assistance

Access to our experts to answer your questions, help you to solve the problems and to improve your satisfaction towards products Macroscope.
  • Access to the Macroscope Support Center by e-mail or by telephone.
  • Number of unlimited calls and requests.
  • Answer for a maximum deadline of 24 hours (working day).
  • Remote diagnostic and repair.