Macroscope is available to enterprises, large or small, from the public or private sectors, as well as to self-employed professionals, through one of the license types presented below.

Characteristics License Type
Perpetual Enterprise Annual Enterprise Individual Exploration Educational
May download, install and customize the Intranet version of Macroscope for the licensed domains.        
Rights to use Macroscope for internal purposes granted to all personnel and contractors employed by the licensee.      
Rights to use Macroscope for commercial purposes granted to individual licensees or to personnel assigned to the Licensee's service delivery unit.      
Rights to use Macroscope for educational purposes granted to students and teachers registered to the participating academic programs - exclusively as reference material within the academic context.        
Rights to access Macroscope Online for the licensed domains and download support material (e.g. templates, examples).  
Limited and temporary (14 days) access all domains for evaluation purposes.        
License fees - First year maintenance included. Contact Us See Subscription Fee Table No Charge

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