Intended Audience

Junior and Intermediate-level team members.


This seminar is a general communications course. It focuses on the interpersonal skills essential for people working with others.

Participants will learn about themselves and their own communication style in order to more effectively communicate with peers and leaders. Effective communication includes the ability to demonstrate individual leadership and work well with teams.


There are no prerequisites.

Target Competencies

At the end of this event, the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of the win/win negotiation approach and know how to apply these principles;
  • Describe the purpose of the social styles communication model and use the model to increase their effectiveness as communicators;
  • Identify the characteristics of effective teams, and know how to apply these characteristics while working with others on project teams;
  • Describe at least one technique for managing conflicts constructively and know how to apply it in dealing with interpersonal conflicts.


  1. Introduction
  2. Defining a Project Team
  3. Negotiating to “Win-Win”
  4. Communicating Effectively
  5. Developing Team Effectiveness
  6. Dealing with Conflict Constructively
  7. Conclusion

Delivery Mode and Duration

In-class learning: 2 days

Pedagogical Approach

Presentations, discussions, case studies, role-playing and exercises.

Special Notes: This event is not a shorter substitute for the H01-3 Project Leadership Seminar. Although similar material is presented, this event has been created from the team member’s point of view, and it is targeted towards a more junior audience. Recent participants in the Project Leadership Seminar may find the materials too similar and not gain additional benefits from this seminar.

Logistics Requirements

Note that this learning event requires the completion of Social Style Kits. These kits must be distributed to the participants 4-6 weeks in advance and completed before the start of the course. Please see Education Services for more details.


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