Intended Audience

Project manager, management consultant, architect, analyst or any professional with the prerequisites.


This seminar targets competencies of workshop facilitation and emphasizes the role of the facilitator, who holds the key to any effective workshop. The seminar addresses the activities and deliverables for which the facilitator is responsible.

The main goal of the seminar is to have learners acquire the competencies necessary to act as workshop facilitators. Moreover, the training techniques used will provide the learner with opportunities to practice facilitation skills and the presentation techniques.


The following knowledge and skills:

  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to collect data and carry out research
  • Ability to analyze information and extract the essential elements
  • Ability to synthesize information received
  • Ability to manage personal time and tasks
  • Ability to describe the business sector of the organization in which they operate

Target Competencies

At the end of this event, the learner will be able to:

  • Determine the situations appropriate to holding a workshop;
  • Describe the steps in the life cycle of a workshop;
  • List and describe the deliverables produced by the facilitator at each step;
  • Produce the deliverables for the start-up step;
  • Describe the techniques used by the facilitator of a workshop;
  • Accurately observe an apparent behavior and provide effective feedback;
  • Accept and apply feedback to their own apparent behavior as facilitator;
  • Facilitate at least one short workshop;
  • Draw up the list of critical success factors for a successful workshop.


  1. Introduction
  2. Definition and Context
  3. Facilitation Skills
  4. Preparation, Planning, and Organization
  5. Initiating The Session
  6. Wrapping It Up
  7. Using What You’ve Learned
  8. Conclusion

Delivery Mode and Duration

In-class learning: 3 days

Pedagogical Approach

Presentations, discussions, workshops, role-playing, exercises and examples.

Logistics Requirements

Number of rooms required: 2 (for class of 16 participants)

Size: To accommodate 5-7 people

One flipchart should be provided in each room.


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Soft Skills and Tools




PMI® Professional Development Units

If you are registered as a PMP®, you may record this training, after successful completion, with the following information:

  • REP #1099 (Fujitsu Consulting)
  • Activity ID: H02
  • Number of PDUs: 21

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