Intended Audience

Project managers, architects, and anyone else who will need to identify what deliverables need to be produced as part of a project and then produce them.


The event emphasizes using Macroscope tools such as the Deliverable Assistant as part of the exercises to create and customize documentation structures and deliverable templates.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office suite.

Target Competencies

At the end of this event, the learner will be able to

  • Describe the nature and purpose of a documentation plan;
  • Use Deliverable Assistant to create an adapted project documentation structure;
  • Use Deliverable Assistant to create the customized deliverable templates for a project.


  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started with Deliverable Assistant
  3. Adapting Documentation Structures
  4. Adapting Deliverable Templates
  5. Creating Deliverable Templates
  6. Conclusion

Delivery Mode and Duration

In-class learning: 1/2 day

Pedagogical Approach

Presentations, discussions, exercises and examples


Each participant must have a computer available (shared with one other participant if necessary) with access to the current version of Macroscope.

In addition, the standard supporting products should be installed (e.g. Macroscope Deliverable Assistant, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader.)


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