Choose your learning events among the many events and modules available from Fujitsu. The events are grouped under five themes: Systems Delivery and Maintenance, Project Management, Benefits Realization, Architecture, Soft Skills and Tools.

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The following learning delivery modes are available.

Self-learning   Includes many forms such as Computer-based or Web-based courses or simply reading material. Includes reading, exercises, case studies and job aids to acquire knowledge at the learner's pace and convenience.
In-class   Instructor-led session in a classroom or workshop setting.
Virtual   Virtual classroom session led by an instructor or presenter. Sometimes referred to as Webinar.
* Training of events of this type are generally organized on request and after agreement with the client organization and are subject of availability of certified instructors.



Cognitive Levels

The cognitive level indicates the level of competency targeted by the event. The target level is usually indicated by the last digit of the learning event identifier (e.g. M702-2).


Cognitive Level
  Target Competency
1. Awareness   The learner is aware and informed of the existence, the content and scope of a domain of expertise.
2. Familiarization   The learner is familiar with, understands, interprets, sand begins applying a domain of expertise.
3. Application   The learner is able to put into practice acquired knowledge in the context of a domain of expertise.
4. Mastery   The learner has and applies considerable skill and knowledge in one domain of expertise. This can be measured by the ability of an individual to adapt this expertise to diverse situations, or even to transfer its content.
5. Expertise   The learner has and applies exceptional skill and knowledge in a domain of expertise. This can be measured by the ability of an individual to influence and evolve a domain of expertise.