So Who are we Writing For - Part Two

Why do we Write Things Down?

Dave Couture has given an excellent analysis of the principle of Viewpoints (Owner, User, Developer), and why viewpoints are useful.

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So Who are we Writing For - Part Three

Single vs. Multiple Documents

One of our challenges revolves around a concern for a “single document”. Even in this day of knowledge bases, hyper-links, search engines etc., we see a deep-seated preoccupation – a desire to put everything into a single file. Just yesterday, I heard somebody at a very large client tell me about the huge burden they have with each individual document going through their approval process. They tell me that if they have 30 pages of information to be approved, it makes a big difference whether that is in three documents or one.

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I've Never Seen it Work That Way

Back Story

I was recently teaching a Macroscope Foundation course, and sharing my zeal with the principle that the business participants should take a driving role on many aspects, when one person finally spoke up with, “I have never, ever seen it work that way.” In his experience, it had always been IT (and IT consultants) pushing everything.

I gave two quick answers:

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Macroscope Origins - Food For Thought

In preparation for a discussion on the history of Macroscope, I reviewed some progress reports and presentations dating back to the 1991-1992 timeframe. I thought it would be worth sharing some of the things I found in there, as they depict some of the ideas at the base of Macroscope. Remember that we're over 20 years back. How do you react to thes...
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Deliverable on a page

The Perception I was delivering a Macroscope intro course to a client a few weeks ago. One participant was puzzled by the disconnect between my pitch and what he was seeing in Macroscope. He said something like: You've been telling us all morning about doing the right things the right way, agility, eliminating waste, etc. but when I look at your Pr...
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