Macroscope for Mobile Applications - Part Two

Well okay, how about the special aspects of mobile apps?

  • Non-functional requirements. I need to be particularly sure about my client’s needs for response time, peak loads, availability, and the user interface. If I look at the User and Developer Principles deliverables (P240S and P261S) – I’ll see all the non-functional questions I need to consider. And if follow the “Applicable Techniques” link – I’ll find a very nice little mini-text on how to design a user interface. And it’s all both specific and generalized enough that it works for mobile apps. Check.
  • Security. Mobile apps are particularly exposed to information disclosure and malware. If I review the Security discipline drop-down in the Solution, plus the specialized System Security deliverable (P310S), again I’ll see many things we need to consider. I will need specialized knowledge from my technology architect and my security specialist to come up with the right decisions, but I think the triggers are all there. Check.
  • Technology. There are many choices and several layers to consider. So I’ll need to look carefully at the Technology Infrastructure (P370S) and the Software Architecture (P219S). Again I will need specialized knowledge from my architect of course, but I think all the questions we need to consider are there in front of us.

So what doesn’t Macroscope have to support mobile apps?

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Macroscope for Mobile Applications - Part One

We had a question from a client recently – had we done anything to Macroscope related to mobile application development.

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Documentation in Maintenance - Part Three

Reality Check – We Don’t Have Such Documentation

Okay, we did make a big assumption there. So they took me back to their real world.

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Documentation in Maintenance - Part Two

All that writing?

When I persisted and suggested that requirements and architecture deliverables should be updated as part of the maintenance process, I had another protest. “All that writing? We don’t have time for that!”

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Documentation in Maintenance - Part One

I recently suggested to a team that they could make good use of Macroscope documentation in maintenance. There was instant skepticism. I was politely told that I was being naïve – everybody knows there is almost never any existing documentation and what there is will be out of date and can’t be trusted. And so there is no point in creating any new documentation – nobody would use it.

When I asked what they rely on to help with their maintenance work, I heard:

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