Agile and Macroscope

I have heard quite a few people compare Agile and Macroscope during a break, on the corner of a table, coffee in hand. It is not uncommon to hear things like "Macroscope is not Agile." Such a statement sometimes comes from a cursory glance at Macroscope, often from hearsay or, this is fair game, from a competitor. I'm afraid that such a summary diagnosis might be comparing apples and oranges.Let us first compare things of similar scope

First, Agile is not a method as such, but a family of approaches and methods mainly focused on the design and implementation of the software aspect of the system. It is the same for methods such as RAD (Rapid Application Development), XP (Extreme Programming) and other SCRUM-like approaches.

Macroscope is an integrated methodology framework covering multiple "domains of intervention" from defining a business vision (Vision domain), developing business capabilities and technology (Architecture domain), designing, operating and evolving information systems (Solution domain), managing projects (Project domain) and managing portfolios of Benefits Realization programs (Benefits domain).

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