Macroscope for Mobile Applications - Part Two

Well okay, how about the special aspects of mobile apps?

  • Non-functional requirements. I need to be particularly sure about my client’s needs for response time, peak loads, availability, and the user interface. If I look at the User and Developer Principles deliverables (P240S and P261S) – I’ll see all the non-functional questions I need to consider. And if follow the “Applicable Techniques” link – I’ll find a very nice little mini-text on how to design a user interface. And it’s all both specific and generalized enough that it works for mobile apps. Check.
  • Security. Mobile apps are particularly exposed to information disclosure and malware. If I review the Security discipline drop-down in the Solution, plus the specialized System Security deliverable (P310S), again I’ll see many things we need to consider. I will need specialized knowledge from my technology architect and my security specialist to come up with the right decisions, but I think the triggers are all there. Check.
  • Technology. There are many choices and several layers to consider. So I’ll need to look carefully at the Technology Infrastructure (P370S) and the Software Architecture (P219S). Again I will need specialized knowledge from my architect of course, but I think all the questions we need to consider are there in front of us.

So what doesn’t Macroscope have to support mobile apps?

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