Soft Skills and Tools

The first list displays available courses covering a number of professional skills, often referred to as 'soft skills', that should be demonstrated by a number of roles presented in Macroscope.  The second list displays available courses on a number of tools wthin the Macroscope family.

Soft Skills

CodeTitle and Subject MatterDurationDelivery
H01-3 Project Leadership Seminar
This seminar focuses on the competencies, in particular, interpersonal skills, that a project manager must acquire to lead the project team.
3 days In-class
H02-3 Workshop Facilitation Seminar
This seminar targets competencies of workshop facilitation and the role of the facilitator with opportunities to practice facilitation skills and presentation techniques.
3 days In-class
H03-3 Train the Trainers Seminar
This seminar emphasizes training competencies, as well as the techniques necessary for the transfer of competencies and the facilitation of groups receiving training.
2 days In-class
H04-3 Presentation Techniques Workshop
This event serves to develop or improve the aptitudes and attitudes contributing to successful presentations.
1 day In-class
H05-3 Effective Team Collaboration
This seminar is a general communications course. It focuses on the interpersonal skills essential for people working with others.
2 days In-class


CodeTitle and Subject MatterDurationDelivery
M300-3 Using Deliverable Assistant
How to use the Deliverable Assistant: adapt documentation structures, adapt and create deliverable templates.
3,5 hours In-class
M310-3 Using Macroscope ProcessUnifier
How to use the ProcessUnifier (MPU) authoring and publishing environment.
2,5 hours In-class
P600-2 Personalizing Macroscope Workshop
How to customize Macroscope environments taking into consideration the organization’s best practices.
1 day In-class