2014-12-18: Version 5.2 of Macroscope is released and now available to licensed cients for download.

2014-08-15: Enterprise Architecture techniques now available on Macroscope 5.2 Beta site.

2014-05-29: A new version of the Results Chain Modeling tool is now available. Licensed Members: you may now download RCM 4.1

2014-02-17: eLearning module on Risk Management now available to all registered members. Click here to start learning!

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FORUM: TOGAF - Macroscope Comparison (Architecture 5.2 beta)
by Pierre Carrier » 2014-05-06
See our answer to the question: "How did you incorporate TOGAF concepts into the new Architecture domain beta version?" ...

BLOG: Documentation in Maintenance
by Tom Handley » 2014-03-28

  • Part 1 - What? Use documentation in maintenance?
    I recently suggested to a team that they could make good use of Macroscope documentation in maintenance. There was instant skepticism. I was politely told that I was being naïve …
  • Part 2 - All that writing? We don't have time for that!
    When I persisted and suggested that requirements and architecture deliverables should be updated as part of the maintenance process, I had another protest …
  • Part 3 - Reality Check: We Don't Have Such Documentation
    Okay, we did make a big assumption there. So they took me back to their real world …

BLOG: Managing All Those Pieces
by Tom Handley » 2014-03-06

  • Part 1 - All Those Pieces: What do we Do?
    In my work I get to interact with many different people, to hear what they care about – what they struggle with and what is important to them. And I hear certain themes over and over again …
  • Part 2 - A Straightforward Approach: Not a Simple one
    What we do is complicated. Not because of the multiple layers of technology, but because of the multiple dimensions involved in what we do including people, organization, processes, culture, power structure, …

BLOG: A Fast Track Approach For Macroscope
by Gary Rowland » 2014-01-21
First time exposure to Macroscope can be a daunting experience, some may not even recover from that trauma and subsequently become opponents to its use within an organization. Additionally, people working in a fast-paced ...