2015-09-15: Interested in becoming a Macroscope certified Scrum Master? See the description of the in-class course P500-3 Macroscope Agile Scrum Master.

2015-06-30: A new version of the Results Chain Modeling tool is now available. Licensed Members: you may now download RCM 4.2

2015-05-28: Scrum Terminology Now Integrated in Macroscope. Read more

2015-05-21: Project and Solution posters available.

2015-04-24: Discover the Fujitsu Approach to Change Management Gyroscope.

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BLOG: Can we stop using the word Artifact?
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-31
I fully appreciate that language is always evolving, and as we make up new words and definitions they become added to the dictionary...

BLOG: Can we Banish the word Waterfall?
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-22
When systems people talk about "waterfall" approaches, they mean something like the picture above. But "waterfall" is an ancient myth!...

BLOG: That's not a Business Case
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-11

  • Part 1 - The Need
    I was recently asked to help with a business case for a course. It was a "soft skills" course that would contribute to team building, collaboration, creativity and productivity. The client knew...
  • Part 2 - Next Time
    For those who have worked with the Results Chain™ technique found in Macroscope, the most powerful justification for an investment is how it will contribute toward important business outcomes. Here's how I'd want to use...

BLOG: A Tool is Just a Tool
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-03

  • Part 1 - Look what We Bought
    "We just bought the Mark X Ultimate Project Management Tool so we don't need Macroscope for project management" said...
  • Part 2 - So How would Macroscope Help?
    With a different tone in his voice, the PMO Manager went on, "Even so, I'm afraid I don't see how all the Macroscope templates would solve those issues"...