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BLOG: When is it Not Agile?
by Tom Handley » 2016-02-09

  • Part 1 - And Why Do We Care?
    I was working with a Fujitsu/client project team recently as they where refining their approach to developing a replacement application..
  • Part 2 - Just What is "Agile"
    There have of course been many great successes from taking a "big A" approach. The "sweet spot" scenarios...
  • Part 3 - A Bit More Background
    To illustrate, let me tell a bit more about the circumstances of the project mentioned above...

BLOG: Macroscope and Scrum
by Tom Handley » 2015-12-17

  • Part 1 - We are still learning
    Every now and then, somebody publishes a new set of theories or a new set of techniques which attract us. Sometimes these new things become wildly popular. But the problem is...
  • Part 2 - Highlights of Scrum for Me - Techniques
    User Stories, Time-boxed Sprints/Iterations, Continuous Improvement...
  • Part 3 - Limitations of Scrum
    The Scrum Guide makes it very clear that Scrum is a process framework to manage product development, but it is not a process or technique for building products. The comments below elaborate on some outside-of-Scrum aspects...
  • Part 4 - Not Everybody Fits the Scrum Profile
    The vision of the Scrum Developer is of a flexible, highly collaborative person who is keenly interested in seeing all aspects of the product. He/she is multi-disciplinary and interested in expanding their knowledge of new disciplines...

BLOG: Can we stop using the word Artifact?
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-31
I fully appreciate that language is always evolving, and as we make up new words and definitions they become added to the dictionary...

BLOG: Can we Banish the word Waterfall?
by Tom Handley » 2015-03-22
When systems people talk about "waterfall" approaches, they mean something like the picture above. But "waterfall" is an ancient myth!...