2014-03-31: Macroscope 5.2 Beta now available online.

2014-02-17: eLearning module on Risk Management now available to all registered members. Click here to start learning!

2013-12-20: Light deliverable templates now added to Macroscope Online - Project domain. Licensed members: click here for the list.

2013-10-31: Version 5.0.2 of the MethodHelp Office Add-in is now available.

2013-10-16: An exciting enhancement to the Support Material and Comments features has been implemented in Macroscope Online.

2013-07-23: You can now find a number of Macroscope presentations on Slideshare.

2013-06-07: A new version of the Results Chain Modeling tool is now available. Licensed Members: you may now download RCM 4.0.

2012-10-16: Macroscope 5.0.1 update pack is available to Licensed Members. You may now access the download page.

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BLOG: Managing All Those Pieces - Part 2
by Tom Handley » 2014-03-06
What we do is complicated. Not because of the multiple layers of technology, but because of the multiple dimensions involved in what we do including people, organization, processes, culture, power structure, …

BLOG: Managing All Those Pieces - Part 1
by Tom Handley » 2014-03-06
In my work I get to interact with many different people, to hear what they care about – what they struggle with and what is important to them. And I hear certain themes over and over again …

BLOG: A Fast Track Approach For Macroscope
by Gary Rowland » 2014-01-21
First time exposure to Macroscope can be a daunting experience, some may not even recover from that trauma and subsequently become opponents to its use within an organization. Additionally, people working in a fast-paced ...

BLOG: To code, or not to code: that is the question for MBAs
by Serge Deschamps » 2013-10-23
If it is correct to assume that information and communications technology (ICTs) managers should hone their business skills to ride the digital wave, shouldn’t we expect the business executives of tomorrow to know how to code? ...

BLOG: IT and business objectives, united in the bonds of the next digital wave
by Serge Deschamps » 2013-10-07
For the sake of long-term success, organizations will have to make sure that information technologies (ITs) and their own business objectives are aligned and happily married ...

BLOG: So Who are we Writing For?
by Tom Handley » 2013-09-27
I get to meet lots of interesting people who use Macroscope in some way. They don’t always think the same – especially about using the deliverables suggested in Macroscope. The approach to the specification for a unit task is a good example ...