2014-12-18: Version 5.2 of Macroscope is released and now available to licensed cients for download.

2014-08-15: Enterprise Architecture techniques now available on Macroscope 5.2 Beta site.

2014-05-29: A new version of the Results Chain Modeling tool is now available. Licensed Members: you may now download RCM 4.1

2014-02-17: eLearning module on Risk Management now available to all registered members. Click here to start learning!

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BLOG: What does Macroscope contradict?
by Tom Handley » 2015-01-08
"What you're telling me from Macroscope isn't identical to what My-Favorite-Guru tweeted yesterday, so you're wrong!" I hear variations on this every now and then...

BLOG: Macroscope for Mobile Applications
by Tom Handley » 2014-08-13

  • Part 1 - We had a question from a client recently - had we done anything to Macroscope related to mobile application development?
    The answer in a nutshell was, "Yes, but it was in there before we had mobile applications." I'd better explain.…
  • Part 2 - Well okay, how about the special aspects of mobile apps?
    Non-functional requirements, security, technology …

FORUM: TOGAF - Macroscope Comparison (Architecture 5.2 beta)
by Pierre Carrier » 2014-05-06
See our answer to the question: "How did you incorporate TOGAF concepts into the new Architecture domain beta version?" ...

BLOG: Documentation in Maintenance
by Tom Handley » 2014-03-28

  • Part 1 - What? Use documentation in maintenance?
    I recently suggested to a team that they could make good use of Macroscope documentation in maintenance. There was instant skepticism. I was politely told that I was being naïve …
  • Part 2 - All that writing? We don't have time for that!
    When I persisted and suggested that requirements and architecture deliverables should be updated as part of the maintenance process, I had another protest …
  • Part 3 - Reality Check: We Don't Have Such Documentation
    Okay, we did make a big assumption there. So they took me back to their real world …