P410-2 Familiarization with User Interface Design

Intended Audience

Business system manager, member of information system architecture team, member of construction team or any other learner interested in user interface design.


This event presents the general concepts of the graphical user interface (GUI) design technique of Solution domain. The event also defines the main terms introduced in the technique.


  • General understanding of the concepts, principles and terminology of Solution domain;
  • Practical experience in user interface development with Solution.

Should have completed the following events or have equivalent experience:

Target Competencies

At the end of this event, the learner will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of user interface and usability;
  • Name the steps and the main elements of the technique;
  • Explain the importance of the iterative cycle and the evaluation step;
  • Name evaluation techniques used;
  • Distinguish the following concepts:
    • presentation and dialog;
    • user-level interface component and developer-level interface component;
  • Name interaction styles;
  • Name principles of software ergonomics.


  1. Introduction
  2. Main Concepts
  3. Iterative Cycle
  4. Terminology
  5. Ergonomic Principles
  6. Conclusion

Delivery Mode and Duration

Self-learning: 6 hours

Pedagogical Approach

Reading, exercises, analogy, external references.

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