P155-3 Macroscope Foundation

Intended Audience

This event is intended for every Fujitsu and client professional who needs a hands-on introduction to Macroscope. It is especially appropriate for Solution Delivery practitioners who are new to Macroscope.


This new version includes Macroscope/360, released in 2017.

M/360 provides a Lean subset that for many situations, will point the practitioner to what is necessary and sufficient to realize the expected outcomes.

The course will also include practical advice on taking efficient advantage of both M/360 and Macroscope 5 as appropriate.


A learner must have the following competencies:

  • Experience in information system development

Target Competencies

The aim of this course is to introduce you to Macroscope concepts and tools that will help you deliver business value, and to encourage you to continue your self-learning. The specific objectives are that the learner will be able to:

  • describe the nature and scope of the Macroscope methodology framework;
  • navigate the Macroscope portal;
  • describe the relationship between Macroscope/360 and Macroscope 5;
  • describe the key aspects of each domain of intervention;
  • summarize the various phases of the delivery process;
  • describe the key roles and suggested team structures;
  • recognize the main support processes;
    explain the concept of "deliverable".


In-class learning: 1 day


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Macroscope?
  3. Key Roles
  4. Vision/Benefits/Project
  5. Macroscope/360
  6. Architecture/Solution
  7. About Deliverables
  8. Some Tools
  9. Conclusion

Pedagogical Approach

This course is highly interactive, with an agenda that concentrates on learning by exploration and discovery using Macroscope itself. It includes frequent practical hands-on activity, discussions and exercises.

Logistics Requirements

Each participant must have a computer available throughout the event (shared with one other participant if necessary), that will enable access to the current version of Macroscope.

Before attending the event, each participant must be registered on the Macroscope Community site. Registration instructions are here. (The most important aspect is that you specify your work e-mail address in your profile.)

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