P135-3 Interpret the System Architecture

Intended Audience

This event is designed for roles who need to be able to interpret the owner and user viewpoints of the system architecture:

  • Architecture specialists who have modeling experience and want to know how Solution domain uses models to present the owner and user viewpoints of the system;
  • Users who need to validate that the system architecture will satisfy the needs; and
  • Functional analysts who will have to create specifications for the components of the user architecture.


This event provides a short path to understanding the system architecture for people who have experience with modeling or people who need only to understand the system architecture.

This event uses UML notation but does not preclude the use of other notations. The event focuses more on the content of the system architecture deliverables than on the notation used.


  • General knowledge of object oriented concepts

Target Competencies

At the end of this event, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify key architecture deliverables;
  • Distinguish between the owner and user viewpoints of the architecture;
  • Interpret process and information models;
  • Describe the link with requirements deliverables;
  • Explain the purpose of principles and standards;
  • Explain their own role in the creation and use of the architecture deliverables.


  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Architecture?
  3. The Owner Viewpoint
  4. The User Viewpoint
  5. Where to from here?
  6. Conclusion

Delivery Mode and Duration

In-class learning: 1 day

Pedagogical Approach

Presentations, discussions, exercises and examples.


Each participant must have a computer available (shared with one other participant if necessary) with access to the current version of Macroscope.

In addition, the standard supporting products should be installed (e.g. Macroscope Deliverable Assistant, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader.)

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