Solution Delivery – Information Systems

logosolution Purpose
Efficiently envision, design, assemble and deliver your information system solutions. Any type of solutions.

The Solution domain includes two methods: Solution Delivery (described below) and Solution Operation and Maintenance.
Primary Users
Secondary Users
Organizational Change Management
Base Delivery
Agile Delivery
Package Solution
Business Solution Owner
Solution Architecture Team
Business Analyst
Design Team
Development Team
Business Transition Team
Technical Specialist
Project Management Office
Typical Applications
Adaptable to a large range of information system solutions, whether comprising high or low level of IT, simple system to complex multi-system solutions, mission critical or not.

The Solution domain is an integrated and structured approach for delivering and maintaining information systems. Its main objective is to implement the required change on time, within budget, and with the appropriate level of quality.

A Multi-dimensional System Architecture

The proposed approach, techniques and other tools go well beyond software engineering. The system architecture addresses aspects related to work processes and user tasks, technology, people, security and transition, as well as software components.

Adaptable Processes

Macroscope Solution Delivery method proposes typical process patterns, or paths, to be used according to the type of project. Naturally, since no two projects are the same, these processes are to be adapted to particularities, characteristics and constraints of each project.

Solution delivery processes

An Opportunity Evaluation process serves as the entry point to the solution delivery paths. This process ensures that undertaking the first phases of the project still makes business sense.

The Base Delivery process is a good starting point for a large number of projects. When project conditions and the organizational culture are favorable, the Agile Delivery process should be used. Large projects with tight deadlines or which are based on joint design or development workshops would get inspiration from the Accelerated Delivery process. When off-the-shelf products and services must be acquired and integrated into the solution, the Package Solution Delivery process can be leveraged.