Portfolio Management

logobenefits Purpose
Select, postpone or cancel change programs based on their relative value in order to maximize global potential value.

The Benefits domain includes two interrelated processes: Portfolio Management (described below) and Program Management.
Primary Users
Secondary Users
Opportunity and Program Registers
Funding Support
Portfolio Management
Value Plot
Value Analyst
Value Management Office
Investment Decision Board
Business Sponsor
Typical Applications
- Investment decisions
- Annual budgeting process
- Governance of active portfolio of programs

The Portfolio Management process helps you govern your enterprise portfolio of programs and make the investment decisions based on their comparative business value, which includes costs, benefits, risk of not realizing those benefits as well as alignment to the business strategies.

Not all investment opportunities are alike. Different types of investments require different decision processes and business rules. Benefits domain proposes a categorization approach with examples of categories and guidelines to help the organization determine their own investment categories for their change programs.

Benefits also proposes a value plot technique to help the organization comparing a set of programs, be they already running or simply a candidate for investment, by providing a multi-dimensional view of their value.

Value Plot: evaluating and comparing multiple dimensions of value

The proposed processes, techniques and tools help you to:

  • Manage a set of multiple programs
  • Compare the relative business value of programs for selection of the optimal investment
  • Track the program's value and ensure that benefits are achieved according to plan – or cancel those if it appears unlikely they will deliver the promised benefits.