Enterprise Architecture

logoarchitecture Purpose
Evolve your Enterprise Architecture to define and orchestrate the capabilities required to support your organization's strategy.
Primary Users
Secondary Users
Enterprise Requirements
Enterprise Architecture
Organizational Change
Quality Assurance
Definition of Capabilities
Business Process Modeling
Business Architecture Specialist
Business Analyst
Architecture Team
Architecture Owner
Architecture Management Office
Typical Applications
- Enterprise architecture design
- Business process optimization
- Technology infrastructure evolution

This domain provides the processes, deliverables, and techniques to systematically identify, relate, and weave into the organization an optimal balance of the processes, people, information technology, and resources needed to implement new capabilities and achieve targeted business outcomes.

The enterprise architecture must consider these component types as interweaving with each other during the operation of business processes, forming the fabric of the organization.

These components are highly inter-dependent. A change in one either causes the need for a change in one or many other components or a change in the business processes.

Business processes interact with the other components of the organizational fabric
Evolving the business capabilities is done by aligning two key perspectives:
  • Business: determining the changes required to the business operations to support the new capabilities, and guiding the structuring of the business to accommodate the current and emerging strategies.
  • Information Technology: defining the IT infrastructures that are required by the new capabilities or that will act as a catalyst to stimulate new business opportunities.