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Dear early adopter clients, Macroscope team would like to introduce our latest supporting tool: the Project Startup Assistant (PSA).

Your productivity tool to manage and share project documentation structures

Why should you use PSA?

  • To accelerate project startup phases;
  • To increase the level of consistency across projects;
  • To reuse, share and adapt documentation plans and templates from other projects.

Adapt your project documentation plan and generate the needed deliverable templates in a blink of an eye

This new tool:

  • Helps capture lessons learned (e.g. how a documentation plan was adapted and why) usage statistics and user feedback as input to the evolution of Macroscope;
  • Provides an attractive browser-based interface to contribute to increasing the use of Macroscope on projects;
  • Ensures usage of a single instance and most recent version of the tool and of the various associated file, since there is no need to download and install a local copy of the tool.

Features Summary of Release 1

icon-psa-create Create a documentation structure from an existing one or from scratch

icon-psa-createView/Edit any documentation structure for which you have edit rights

icon-psa-createUpload your own deliverable templates as well as documentation structures you may have created using the Deliverable Assistant

icon-psa-createAssemble, generate and download part or all templates in a documentation structure

Yours Truly,

Macroscope® Solutions Team