The Results Chain Modeler (RCM) is a unique kind of modeling tool that allows users to create, analyze, validate and maintain a logical network of outcomes targeted by a program, of the necessary and sufficient initiatives required to achieve them and how they effectively contribute to the realization of the outcomes.

The RCM tool supports the application of the Results Chain technique by creating manageable visual and analytical models that will evolve as the investment program progresses.

Whether you are using the Results Chain to support a value case, assess an opportunity or define a change program, the RCM tool will help you:

  • Reduce significantly the work required in creating, analyzing and updating a Results Chain model
  • Provide continuity to the modeling process
  • Assure model integrity
  • Facilitate model interpretation and communication
Overall Functionality

The Results Chain Modeler leverages the graphical interface of Microsoft Visio, but applies the shapes, composition and integrity rules of the Results Chain technique.

The tool offers the following types of functionality:

  • Model creation, manipulation and updating
  • Model presentation
  • Model query and analysis
  • Entry and maintenance of model data
  • Reports
  • Import/export
RCM Model Component Documentation The Power of the Results Chain Technique
  • It provides an integrated framework, which supports a large amount of information relative to a benefits realization program as described in Macroscope;
  • It is integral to governance, i.e. it helps in determining and assigning responsibilities and accountabilities for initiatives, and, especially, to outcomes;
  • It guides the creation of program plans that optimizes the benefits realization process;
  • It enables a visual representation of the program status as its implementation unfolds and the benefits are realized

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For more background on the Results Chain technique and the Benefits Realization approach, download and read The Information Paradox: Realizing the Business Benefits of Information Technology
Sample screenshots of the RCM tool

RCM Graphical Interface
RCM Operations Menu
RCM Functions

A trial version is available for Registered Members

Note: With this version, you can use and explore all features of the commercial release, but without the ability to save or export your work.

This version works with Microsoft Visio 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32-bit and 64-bit)

RCM Version 4.3 - a brand new release that makes Results Chain Modeler stronger and handy:

  • Now compatible with Microsoft Office 2016 - Visio 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 - Visio 2016
  • Conversion feature to let you easily convert your former* RCM diagrams
  • Change default font and font size using the Theme Pane window

* RCM 2003, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 diagrams.

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Download Information
File name:
Size: 23.8 MB
Date Released: 2017-06-30
Prerequisite(s): Microsoft Visio 2003 and above
Language: English
Author: Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) Inc.

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