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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
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When is it Not Agile - Part One

When is it “not Agile” – and Why Do We Care?

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I was working with a Fujitsu/client project team recently as they were refining their approach to developing a replacement application. My role was to help everybody appreciate what was available in Macroscope that might be useful to them, especially regarding some of the bigger challenges in this particular project.

There were differences of opinion within the client team members about how much the approach should be driven by architectures, estimates and plans vs. a highly Agile approach. We had a good idea of the right balance ourselves, but of course needed client buy-in.

But I made a big mistake, worthy of a rookie! With great enthusiasm, I explained to their most passionate supporter of “big A” Agile, that Macroscope encourages us to view agility as a matter of degree rather than a binary condition. I explained that for decades, Macroscope has promoted concurrent engineering, iterative development of small sub-releases, extensive use of prototyping to flesh out user needs and preferences, etc. These are core principles that predate anything labelled “Agile”. But that we always aim for as much agility as the situation permits – agility is in our blood. But there were times when a “by-the-book big A” approach would lead to failure. And then I noticed the expression on this person’s face – complete disbelief. I’m sure he was convinced I was from the “plan everything before doing anything” school and he was rejecting everything I said. I was clearly from the dark side and not to be trusted.

We managed to recover, and later I left my colleagues to carry on.

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0 #1 Ravindra Matta 2017-03-28 13:40
Agreed Tom. Some of the clients that I worked are more focused on using the fancy jargon rather then understanding the concepts :cry: