The Macroscope Methodology

An integrated, evolving and adaptable body of knowledge to help reduce the risk and maximize the value of your business transformation and information technology initiatives.

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Integrated Adaptable
Whether it is about implementing or maintaining business applications, including software engineering, evolving the enterprise architecture, or about any other change initiatives within the organization, Macroscope proposes proven approaches and techniques to accelerate the transformation of these investments into business value. Macroscope is adaptable to all types of governance and management approaches, from agile project management to integrating commercial enterprise applications, to managing entire portfolios of projects. Project management techniques such as SCRUM or process optimization approaches such as LEAN fit very well within the Macroscope approach.

Five process domains to support your business transformation and continuous improvement initiatives
logovision Confirm or formalize your business and IT strategy, strategic management and governance. logosolution Efficiently design, assemble, deliver, operate, and evolve your information system solutions of all kinds throughout their lifecycle.
logoarchitecture Evolve your enterprise architecture to define and orchestrate the capabilities required to support your organization’s strategy. logoproject Efficiently manage projects to deliver the expected capabilities.
logobenefits Formulate, select and manage change programs in order to maximize the business value of the portfolio of change initiatives. To know more about these domains, click on the domain logo or navigate through the Process Domains on the navigation bar.

The origin of the Macroscope name

The word ‘macroscope’ was borrowed from Joël de Rosnay in his book introducing systems thinking, entitled The Macroscope. According to the author, a “macroscope”, should such an instrument exist, would allow us to observe and understand the infinitely complex.

That is exactly the domain of Macroscope: systems thinking applied to the organization, in itself a complex living organism, and the successful introduction of changes enabling its transformation through leveraging information technology.

From agile projects related to software engineering to large scale reengineering of the business - doing the right things, doing them the right way, delivering the expected capability and business value, that is the Macroscope way to managing business risks related to change initiatives.

 Release Information

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 5.2  2014-11-30  Release Note